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Here is a list of common questions we get asked in the detailing service industry.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our services!

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  • What are your hours?
    Monday 9AM–7PM Tuesday 9AM–7PM Wednesday 9AM–7PM Thursday 9AM–7PM Friday 9AM–7PM Saturday 10AM–5PM Sunday Closed
  • Do we still offer mobile detailing services?
    Yes! We still offer mobile detailing via appointment. For ceramic coating, PPF, window tinting and high maintenance paint correction we will require the vehicle to be worked on indoors at our shop. *WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY* We cannot provide mobile services in weather below 40 due to cold conditions for our employees and the necessary temperature conditions for the products needed to perform the service.
  • What areas do you provide mobile services for?
    Downers Grove Homer Glen Hinsdale Burr Ridge Lemont Willow Springs Woodridge Bolingbrook Darien Naperville Westmont Joliet Lockport New Lenox Romeoville *For people outside of this region please feel free to give us a call to discuss an appointment, there may be an additional travel fee added to your service total.
  • Which services are in-shop only?
    All ceramic coating, PPF, window tinting and high maintence paint correction jobs will be performed in our new shop location.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment by giving us a call and speaking with Ty. We have an online scheduling system that allows us to book your service directly online and send you appointment and payment reminders.
  • How often should I get a detail service?
    We recommend booking minimum monthly with us based on your current budget and current vehicle condition. Maintaining your vehicle is important in maintain the value on your investment. For past clients with ceramic coating or cosmetic enhancement applications, we recommend at least two Basic/Premium Maintenance Washes a month or one Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash per month. Head to our maintenance wash section to learn more and book now.
  • How long does a detailing service take?
    Depending on the service provided and the condition of your vehicle a detailing service can range from 1-30+ hours. Paint correction and high maintenance services can range from 8-30 hours to ensure the best quality results to your vehicle. Detailing takes longer than an average hand wash or car wash due to the required skills, procedures and products being utilized by the professional. Pro Era Detailing has a phrase, "A professional era of clean". This phrase supports the idea that our clients see the hours we put in to revive and reverse damage done to their vehicles and the time it TRULY takes to get a detailed clean on all areas of your vehicle. Detailing services should never be a quick process, unless stated otherwise. True detailers understand the importance of taking their time to ensure the best results.
  • What is detailing?
    Detailing services include cleaning and restoring conditions of an asset such as a vehicle, boat, motorcycle or plane. This service is meant to be a detailed labor-intensive service that utilizing high-quality products and procedures to bring items to like-new conditions.
  • What makes detailing different from a car wash?
    Detailing services are provided by experienced professionals that utilize high-quality materials and procedures that out match the service provided by an automated machine car wash. Detail specialist can also provide you with exclusive information that can give you necessary guidance on how to maintain the quality and look of your vehicle.
  • How do I know which interior detail I need?
    Based on how many stains, pet hair, or severe interior damage done to your vehicle currently. New vehicles or regularly maintained vehicles usually require a Dry Interior Cleaning service. For vehicles with major interior maintenance or looking for extraction of stains or pet hair, we recommend the 3 Step Interior Cleaning service. Click HERE to book a 3 Step Interior Cleaning Service today.
  • Can I get the pet hair removed from my car?
    Of course! We have special equipment dedicated to removed pet hair. We remove pet hair from vehicles at an additional charge after our pre-inspection that is required on every vehicle before providing our services.
  • How do I book an exterior detail?
    We require all exterior detail services to receive an estimate to ensure we recommend and provide the best service to your vehicle. You can contact us to receive a quote for an exterior detail in the Exterior Detailing section on our website.
  • How do I book a Ceramic Coating?
    We require all clients to give us a call and come in for an estimate where we take a look at the current condition and desired protection for the vehicle. Following our recommendations we will let you decide on the protection package for your coating. All appointments are scheduled in advance and ceramic coating services take 1-3 business days to comeplete. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Ceramic Coating options.
  • What do you apply Ceramic Coating to?
    We are elite installers for Ceramic Pro, a global leader in ceramic coatings and film. Ceramic Pro can be applied to paint, vinyl, polymers, glass, wheels, plastic trim. Learn more about all of the coating options from industrial to personal items like luxury shoes, purses and furnature.
  • How can I tell if my car needs a wax or a polish?
    This is done by analyzing the appearance of the vehicle after washing and drying it and looking for difference in shine and gloss. Next, run your hand across your vehicle to feel the condition of your clear coat. Rough or inconsistent textures are a signs a wax is needed. Lastly spray water to look for tight beads of water to indicate a good protective coat. Loose beads can indicate the need for a wax or polish.
  • Can this scratch be removed? Or does it need to be repainted?
    Pro Era Detailing offers a free estimate for their paint correction service. During the consultation we can offer best recommendations and services for your vehicle. Head to the Paint Correction page to book your consultation with us today.
  • What is a service upgrade?
    Service upgrades are products or services you can additionally include to your service to enhance the protection or appearance of your vehicle. We list recommendations for service upgrades in all service descriptions. Click HERE to check out the service upgrade options we offer.
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