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5 Benefits of Detailing Your Car This Summer

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Are you a regular drive-through (commercial) car wash user? There could be some information regarding your vehicle's paint and clear coat condition.

Although the quick car wash can be convenient, in the long run, it can do more damage than good if you are not maintaining knowledge of the condition of your car's exterior or interior. Today we will discuss the benefits of a regular vehicle inspection and service from a detail specialist.

Learn the current condition of your vehicle.

A commercial car wash has a different standard and execution process than a detailing service. The convenience of drive-through car washes should not replace the full-grade maintenance of your vehicles.

Creating a relationship with a detail specialist will allow you to stay informed on the paint, fabric, and cosmetic condition. Ensuring that there is no current damage to the interior or exterior from prior maintenance or weather conditions.

Start by booking a consultation with a detail specialist in your area to run tests on things like paint thickness and potential restoration.

Protect your vehicle from the summer elements

With the warm weather approaching, time to protect our vehicles from high UV ray oxidization and fading. Knowing your paint and clear coat thickness will assist in protecting your vehicle from elements that can wear on the appearance and longevity of your car.

Think of it like this; if you leave something untouched, it will only worsen over time. Leaving your vehicle with little to no protection can lead to expensive maintenance costs or potential replacement to your car before it is necessary.

Receive personalized maintenance for your vehicle

The same way you go to a barber, tattoo artist, and doctor, it is best to stick with the same individual or company to ensure you are receiving care based on your individual needs. This rule should apply to the people you choose to help maintain your vehicle's appearance and function.

Having your detail specialist also ensures access to someone able to take care of severe interior or exterior accidents that can ruin the look of your car. You will be able to learn more about the condition of your vehicle and keep it in a constant state of protection and like-new appearance.

Keep your vehicle in a like-new condition

The best benefit to detailing your vehicle is the appearance your car will maintain from the consistent care. Coating your vehicle with protective adhesives and regular maintenance washes will keep your car looking ready to sell.

You never know when you will need to sell or lease your vehicle. Consider keeping your car in a condition that makes it easy to prep for resale. Vehicle's are an investment and asset that needs to be maintained regardless of desire to sell in the future.

Vehicle depreciation is a constant battle, and it only makes sense to do our best to maintain the look and function of our car to get the most out of our money.

Look Good, Feel Good

Everyone feels good in a clean car. When your car is glistening in the sun and people are complimenting its appearance, that is a great feeling. Detailing your car can be considered a form of self-care due to the comfort a clean car offers many people.

Pro Era Detailing enjoys seeing the customer satisfaction come from seeing their car look better than when they brought it. People feel more comfortable and safe driving in a clean car and always begin regularly detailing there vehicle to keep themselves feeling good.

Finding a detail specialist can be difficult if you are unaware of the proper steps, procedures and products that offer your vehicle the best results. Ask questions about steps your detailer plans to take with your detailing service before booking.



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