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10 Facts About Pro Era Detailing

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Starting a business can seem like a common thing now a days. The steps it takes to develop a brand that is long-lasting and impactful is not as common. Pro Era Detailing is a mobile detailing service dedicated to creating an environment that people feel safe bringing the items they value to.

Investments need to taken care of and maintained and that starts with consistent care. Pro Era Detailing prides itself in making sure clients keep their car in a like-new conditions.

Now you are probably wondering.

What is Pro Era Detailing? Who is the company run by?

Here are 10 interesting facts about Pro Era detailing for people looking to know more about the brands purpose, story and future goals.

Local to Lemont Illinois

Meet Ty!

Pro Era Detailing is owned and operated by Ty. A local Lemont, Illinois resident that started out his career in detailing at a young age when he found a passion for the detail oriented aspect of cleaning cars.

Ty realized his passion and skill for detailing cars after leaving his state 9-5 job of 7 years to work in the auto body industry. He refined his detailing procedures and products during his automotive industry experience and built a loyal clientele of people wanting him to detail their cars regularly.

Pro Era Detailing was officially established in March of 2022 after Ty decided he was ready to build a brand based around the professional detail services he offers.

Professional Era of Clean

The phrase "A Professional Era of Clean" comes from the importance of professionalism in the detailing service space. Pro Era Detailing wants to offer clients an elevated service experience and encourage people to seek professional detail specialists.

Starting From Scratch

Pro Era Detailing is brand new to the industry and starting from scratch as a new business can be intimidating. Here are a few ways you can encourage and support Pro Era Detailing:

  • Leave a review! Be honest and let us know how we worked with you. Reviews help us build a better experience for each person that comes our way.

  • Follow our journey! Check out our social media accounts and watch our journey unfold online.

  • Contact us! If you have a question or simply want to get connected with Pro Era Detailing give us a call. We love connecting with local community members and local businesses.

Connecting with the community and building relationships with clients is a core value here at Pro Era Detailing. The relationships we have built so far have been more rewarding than anything.

Car Show Vibes

We love a good car show here! Pro Era Detailing will be supporting this years Lemont Legends Cruise Nights where you can get to know Ty and build a relationship with the brand. We plan on hosting small giveaways and promotions via Instagram on car show days.

Connecting with Lemont residents and businesses has been a fulfilling experience, and getting to vibe with the industry at this event will be more than worth the visit. We hope to see you all!

Content, Content, Content

Pro Era Detailing plans to create content for people looking to learn more about the detailing industry or how to maintain their vehicles condition.

There is a need for more education in the automotive industry on how to keep your car looking the way you bought it. We will be offering blog post, infographic and video based content to assist car lovers in keeping their cars in top shape.

Detailing Certifications

Pro Era Detailing will be taking a journey in the next few months to seek International Detailing Association (IDA) certification by the end of 2022.

The brand values the importance of procedure and expert knowledge. This certification will assist in further building client trust and brand credibility. While certification for this field is not required, it is highly recommended due to the potential of misinformation that is out there in the industry now a days.

Check out our social media platforms to watch our certification journey unfold.

Follow Your Passion

Ty has always had a skill for paying attention to extreme detail. His friends and family would mention how clean he would get their vehicles. He enjoyed spending a full day on the weekends deep cleaning his car because he enjoyed it.

Once he realized not only how much he enjoyed cleaning cars, but that he was extremely good at it, he decided it was a great idea to invest this skill into a brand. Although it seemed scary, taking risk on yourself and betting on your own abilities can offer fulfilling results.

Pro Era Detailing is more than a detailing service, but it is about the story this brand is building while it grows.

Brand Aesthetic

Pro Era Detailing is building an aesthetic based around bringing back old school sounds, imagery and graffiti while including a modern twist. The goal of our aesthetic is to show a luxury side to things that were once seen as unprofessional, rough or uncommon. There is huge inspiration from the hiphop and jazz 90s era due to the love Ty has for underground artists and outspoken icons.

The brand is meant to honor the style that tends to be misinterpreted in media today while teaching people the names of those who developed these trends. This brand will help in reshaping the assumptions around old school concepts and reintroduce the value these aesthetics can offer communities.


Another core value for Pro Era Detailing is consistency. Whether with our services or interactions with clients, we have a goal to be consistent in our methods.

Pro Era Detailing plans to be a representation for the results that consistent performance can display for a business.

We plan to start out with one blog post a week and a minimum of two Instagram post per week.

Instagram: @proeradetailing

Fun Fact!

A fun fact about Pro Era Detailing is that we have merch items located in fellow Lemont business locations. Our business cards, coasters, keychains or beer koozies could be in Lemont location near you.

Send us a picture on Instagram if you see us somewhere.


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